Died once more

Written for Friday Fictioneers!


He lived to die three times.

Once at the age of five. They made him watch his mother turn into ashes only to hand him the urn. His tiny little hand could barely hold it.

Then at the age of seven when he buried his father next to his mom.

At 29, fully grown and matured, he pumped his two-years-old’s heart like crazy, his wife exploding in tears by his side.

Then he died once more.

***Photo Prompt***

J Hardy Carroll
(C) J Hardy Carroll

The best gift

Written for another round of MFtS. The photo prompt that inspired this short story is at the bottom. I hope you enjoy reading it.


The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be…”

The woman burst into tears before she finished the sentence.

Luigi has been everywhere for the last week: TV, newspaper, blogs…you name it. The headlines have been clear and to the point –

Scientist died a hero a week after he finds cure for leukemia.


(c) Barbara W. Beacham

I see everything

Written for MFtS. Make sure you read other stories too. Photo prompt is on the bottom of the page.


I see absolutely everything.

The rage in his eyes.

The bullets fired from his gun.

Blood splashing from my chest.

His brain littered on the floor.

I see absolutely everything.

Seconds. Minutes.Hours.

The moment we kissed.

The moment we first made love.

The moment he went down on his knees.

I see absolutely everything.

Days. Months. Years.


© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham


Here we gather again for a fresh round of Friday Fictioneers! And here is my story. Huge thanks to Douglas MacIlroy for the photo!


Dorky was one exam away from getting the writer’s license.

The corporate bastards had got their wish fulfilled. Indulging in any form of writing without their license was strictly forbidden.

For some weird reason, Dorky got called in long before his scheduled date.

“Describe what you see!” The examiner literally threw the photo in Dorky’s face.


The photo was one of Dorky’s. It was used as a prompt long time back in their flash fiction forum.

The rules were clear. Dorky knew what was waiting for him. It was all in the picture!


(C) Douglas MacIlroy