…and it woke up

I have no words to describe how I feel. I have my roots in Nepal, and I sit here completely heartbroken as i write this small piece for this weeks friday fictioneers. I pray for the departed souls, and hope that the people there stay strong and united in this difficult time.


It woke up equally powerful like it’d 84 years earlier.

People ran towards the station hall and the open space around it. The sky turned grey; the ground shook violently. Their homes and their ancient history collapsed and flew as dust.

It’d come without any warning.

They screamed as they ran for their lives. There was nothing but panic and cries. Some tried to jump to safety from tall buildings, only to be buried underneath it.

It hit them with a magnitude of 7.9, and went underground with many of their loved ones.

Then, the sun shone upon their loss.


PHOTO PROMPT - © Dee Lovering
© Dee Lovering


15 thoughts on “…and it woke up

  1. What a tragic story, told with heart.
    You may just want to check the first line, there seems to be missing a word to make it more clear.


  2. I’m sorry that as someone with their roots in Nepal you are suffering with personal loss as a result of the earthquake. The suffering of the Nepalese people has touched us all. Your flash portrays this heartache vividly. The last line was superb. “Then, the sun shone upon their loss.” Such a tragedy yet life continues.


  3. Your pain–and that of every empathic person on this planet–is perfectly mirrored in your story. I’m so sorry for all people affected, once again nature has shown us our limits.


  4. It’s a tragic event and the world feels for the many many victims in Nepal.

    Your piece reflects this tragedy well, it deals with the subject matter respectfully and powerfully.

    This line: “Then, the sun shone upon their loss.”…Brilliant.


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