Chasing Baku

I’m doing my best to continue on the alien stories (1, 2, 3) as a part of Friday Fictioneers. Most importantly, I’m using this fiction challenge to improve my story telling skills. I take constructive criticism with smile. This week’s installment is wrapped in 92 words. I hope, you will find it entertaining.


“So much rage is no good for you.” The monk said in a calm voice.

It was a beautiful morning. Baku was standing next to the monk on the snow covered hilltop. The cold morning air was dense and heavy.

“Please, help me!” Baku begged.

The monks of Jillah had graciously taken in Baku. The monastery sat in peace on the hilltop. There was no distraction. There were no judgmental eyes.

“I will help you Baku. I’ll help you find yourself!”

Baku slept like stone that night. Unaware of what tomorrow held for him.

***Photo Prompt***
© Douglas M. MacIlroy

9 thoughts on “Chasing Baku

  1. You have painted an intriguing scene here, which just begs to be continued. What, exactly, did tomorrow hold for Baku? I like the way you develop the sense of peace in your story.


  2. I like the series of SF stories and always want to read more. As standalones, they may be a bit confusing, Maybe you’d want to add links to the other Baku stories? Anyways, very peaceful scene, I like it.


  3. I really like this series and can’t wait to see where you take it next. I thought I’d just point out that on the first line there should be a comma inside the speech marks and a lower case ‘t’ on ‘The’. 🙂


  4. Azerbaijan meets Hawaii? I don’t quite understand where you’re going with this. Probably me, missing the point.


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