The old chap

My submission for this week’s Friday Fictioneers is a continuation of the alien stories: the future and the bet! I’m hopeful that the story is taking a meaningful direction now. Please be honest and come up with constructive comments! The photo prompt is at the bottom. Now, I’m off to lab to run some experiments 🙂 Happy reading!  (Word count: 113)


The old chap wasn’t born the way he had turned out to be. He was once a curious little kid like everyone else on the Earth was.

It wasn’t his fault that his blood was green. He didn’t choose his own existence!

“You’re the special one, Baku!” – His mom had told him as they boarded the train.

“I don’t want to be special! I want blood like yours.”

His mom hugged him as his reply. They were fleeing from yet another city. It’d become a routine now. But he couldn’t flee from his fate. His destiny was handed to him.

He’d learned that what they said was true. You’re what your blood is!

***Photo Prompt***

© Jennifer Pendergast


32 thoughts on “The old chap

  1. Everyone wants to fit in and be like others around them. Poor Baku must be very tired of running away. But his blood would always be green and prejudice will always be rife. Interesting story. 🙂

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  2. Blood is one thing he can’t change. Hopefully, it won’t interfere with his happiness and they”ll find a nice, clean place to settle. Nice one!


  3. Sorry but I have my English Lit hat on today. They’re usually translates to “they are” which would make your tense incorrect. I think you mean “they were”. And never end a sentence with a preposition. A stronger sentence might be, “I learned early in life that color defined me.” Hope that helps. There’s always a way around a preposition.
    The theme of moving around due to prejudice and a mother’s love is very good.

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    1. I wish you’d always put your English Lit. hat on before reading my posts! I duly appreciate your feedback! I ll keep that thing with prepositions in mind! Thanks for taking your time!

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  4. What a lonely life, and a chalenge for his mother too. I like how you set this up. I respect anyone who asks for concrit, so here’s a couple of small things: “His mom had told him” instead of ‘had his Mom…’ and “everyone else was” not were (I think; everyone is treated as singular not plural).

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