The painting

For this round of Mondays Finish the Story, I submit a 147-word story. This story was partly inspired by the photo prompt (which is at the end of this post), and partly by the love of my life. I’d like to fully dedicate this story to the love of my life! And yes, the parts with Èze village was from our recent trip to Nice 🙂 Hope you will all enjoy reading it.


Once upon a time in a land far, far away…

Marco penned his first sentence, and read it loud.

“Who am I kidding? This ain’t a fairytale.” – He muttered and tore the page out.

His first novella had everyone guessing if that reflected real story blended with bits of fiction. Sitting on the hilltop of Èze village, he’d started writing the second one.

I vividly remember the paint dripping from the brushes. In her messy hair and  paint stained creamy white translucent dress, she shone as the most magnificent piece of living art.

He paused and closed his eyes. The calm Mediterranean air brought her whisper in waves.

“I’ll paint the love that has reborn from the ashes, and mastered the alchemy of turning shits into golden shells…”

Marco reached to his pocket and dialed her.

“Baby, I found the story.”


“It’s in your painting. Our sweet love.”

***Photo Prompt***


9 thoughts on “The painting

  1. The village of Eze? South coast of France? I really enjoyed your bit of flash! The words are amazing and painted a vivid picture in my mind! Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge and I hope to see you back next week… Be well! ^..^

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      1. I have been there! Such a small place and so quaint! 🙂 It was the first place I explored when I went to France. We stayed in Villefranche sur Mer for 10 days and explored the region surrounding it!

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