Here we gather again, for a fresh round of Mondays Finish the Story! My story for this round is told in roughly 150 words. The narrator is Fate. I hope you find it entertaining! Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!


Pizza anyone?

That’s the end of this story. Let me tell you how we get there.

“We’re going to lift the trophy for the 11th time tonight!” – That’s (excited) Josh. He has his friends over for the Champions league final.

“Dude! Chill! They’ve tough opponent to beat!” – Opening another stout, Lil’ Nick expressed his irritation.

“Where the fuck is our pizza? It’s been like 45 mins!” – Vincent complained.

While they wait for pizza, let me treat you with three juicy details that Josh doesn’t know. 1) Josh was a result of a surrogacy agreement. 2) He’s got an identical twin. 3) The pizza guy, who’s just rang the door bell, is the number 2.

Vincent ran to the door. “What the fuck!”

Everyone looked to the door, to Josh and back. And me? Oh! I loved those confused faces and the silence. Well, until Lil’ Nick burped and asked – “Pizza anyone?”

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18 thoughts on “Fate

  1. I love the way the narrator, Fate, set up the meeting of the two brothers, interrupted by Lil’ Nick’s burp.
    This story could continue as Fate deals with the two brothers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the story phylor! It wasn’t easy to cover everything in less than 200 words. So, I surely will continue on this in future! Thanks for reading and commenting! Appreciate it!


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