The bet

Here we’re again for another round of Friday Fictioneers! I hope you will enjoy reading my story. Let the fiction madness begin! Let me also mention that I’m open to constructive criticism.


“Can you believe this twat? He goes around saying life is predetermined.”

Baldwin was talking loud and vulgar, and constantly banging the table. His friends had no idea he’d go that far.

“Stop with that nonsense, will ya?” – The old chap was appalled by Baldwin’s behavior. Rumor had it, the old chap once composed a symphony so powerful that he created havoc with it.

“You got problem, you old fellah? Aren’t you a mere dancer to the music of the mysterious?” Baldwin yelled.

“I’m sorry mom.” – The old chap mumbled and continued – “so you really wanna know?”

Baldwin proudly collected dollar bills under the table. They thought they’re in for  juicy details.

***Photo Prompt***
Copyright: David Stewart


25 thoughts on “The bet

  1. I clicked on the link back to ‘mom’ and decided the old fellah was the alien baby of your previous story and that he has knowledge of an advanced alien technology that enabled him to create the symphony that caused havoc. Just throw me a couple of words and I’ll chew on them until I get a story from them. I don’t ask much of an author. 🙂


    1. Your comment made me really really happy! Thanks a lot! You got exactly where I was aiming to get my readers to! The only thing that’s not in the story is that the old guy has kept it all secret until this day and is now about to open up!

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      1. I look forward to the next instalment. I’ve never seen this ‘device’ used before in online fiction. I might steal it from you. It’s a bit Lorentzian: “Can a character in a previous story, at a younger age, cause an event in another story, at an older age. 🙂

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    1. No sir, you aren’t! This is a perfectly broken piece, and that’s how i intend to leave it for this week (unless i go crazy again :))! Thanks for the feedback!


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