The future

This is my contribution for this week’s Friday Fiction. I’m not that quite satisfied with what I managed to put together, but I wanted to put it out there anyway! I might change things around a little (any suggestions?). Thanks for reading and commenting.


“I see the end already…”

A soft kiss prevented him from completing the sentence. They had moved to this place – sheltered deep in the woods – to escape the media.

“You’re your worst enemy!” She declared, tossing a stone into the water.

“You humans!” grabbing a rake, he expressed his disgust. He had finally decided to clean the fortress and the mossy stone walls. She acted hurt from his remark.

“Sorry. I’m optimistic, but sometimes I fear the future!” He quickly apologized.

The foggy morning was turning into a beautiful day.

And the alien baby was gently kicking her belly.

***Photo prompt***
Copyright – Rachel Bjerke

32 thoughts on “The future

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  2. All I can think of with the image of an alien baby is the alien coming out through someone’s stomach in “Alien.” Not a pleasant memory. πŸ™‚ You might want to change this sentence: “He bemused sparkles of hope in her eyes.” I’m not sure what you want to say, but “bemused” isn’t a verb. He saw, he spotted…those would make more sense.


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    1. Thanks a lot Janet! I appreciate the correction a lot! Keep ’em coming :-)! I’ve replaced the sentence with another one now! πŸ™‚ And i think it also improves the flow in that way! Thanks again!


  3. Very intriguing. I want to know more: where does he come from, what does he look like, what’s the end he sees, why are they compatible… In fewer words, I could just say I liked it very much. πŸ™‚

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  4. How I love this Friday Fictioneers stuff. We gone from a photo of the wood to inter-species breeding. It could only happen here. Brilliant!

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