The girl

For this week’s Friday Fiction, I have assembled the following 110 words. As always, thanks for reading and commenting! The photo prompt is at the bottom of the post!


He was making his way out from the cemetery, when he got eyes on her. She sat leaning against the fence in snowy white wedding dress. She wore a terribly sad face, and held a bouquet of red roses.

“What a contrast!” His photographic talent blurted out as he snapped a picture and shared it with his followers.

I don’t know her, but I wish I could wipe sadness away from her lovely face… – read his caption.

An hour later, the photo was flooded with comments.

So, which of the mushroom is the girl? – read one of the many comments.

Where he saw the girl, everyone else saw mushrooms.

(C) Erin Leary

25 thoughts on “The girl

  1. Many times we see what we want. It makes me think of that photo of the dress circulating on Facebook right now, or that photo that is either and old woman or pretty young girl depending on how you look.


    1. That dress thing also crossed my mind, but this was not inspired by that at all! And congratulations with your first novel Claire! That’s massive…Hope it will be a favorite among many of us!

      Liked by 1 person

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