It’s has been a while! Not much has happened except that I now have a PhD degree (Molecular cell biology) in my hand! Feels weird to write Dr. Santoshwriter :-). Anyways, here I m (again) trying to give my best to stick around with this wonderful community. My quickly written 100 words for this week’s Friday fiction are down there.


The aroma from deeply roasted coffee beans diffused through the air.

“That’s going to be a top-notch brew, there!” Her voice hit him and the walls, and dissipated through the air. There was no reply.

The old man stood and stirred. His wrist swirled slowly and his eyes stared the whirlpool in the cup.

The old lady picked up the album and walked towards the kitchen table. The album couldn’t help but spit out a piece of newspaper article on the floor.

 “A high-speed train derails killing 575 people and a dog” read the title.

and a dog” was handwritten.


Based on the photo:

© Dawn Q. Landau


17 thoughts on “Handwritten

  1. Congrats on your PhD. That is no small accomplishment and in molecular cell biology. Wow! I loved your story and the handwritten “dog.” That says a lot. Someone is greatly missing this dog, I think.

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    1. Thanks Amy! It always feels good when people love what I write! 🙂 Writing is my passion even though i actually am a molecular biologist. Trying to keep it up!


  2. Mysterious little tale which leaves a lot open to the imagination. So I’m guessing he might have been a train driver who braked hard to avoid a dog, resulting in a tragedy. I’m probably way off beam, but it’s early yet. Congrats on the PhD – quite an achievement.

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    1. Thanks Sandra! The first thing that hit me when I saw the photo, was the high-speed train tragedy from Spain. The driver on that train was careless and stupid (many of my Spanish colleague say so) and so many people died for nothing. I just connected it to that incident!


    1. Thanks Alicia! Yeah PhD is not that easy but i like to simplify things in life. World is complicated as it already is 🙂
      And you got the story right! They lost their daughter on that accident…


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