The story begins

Written for BloggingU Writing 201: Finding your story course (the three opening sentences), and also for the Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge (word prompt: finding)


The chances of drowning in bathtub are close to zero. But that’s where they found her body. And that’s where I found my story.
A dead body in the tub.
If you think that’s my story, you’re wrong. Try finding it in this hint: there were two bodies in the tub; one dead, one alive.
When the detective called me, I’d closed my windows and cleared the broken glasses from bathroom floor. The knife was still on the table, but that could wait.
Long after we ended the call, his deep voice kept echoing in my ear.
The baby is alive.



5 thoughts on “The story begins

  1. Bathtub story has a good beginning. A lot of information. Broken glasses… closed ‘my windows’ The narrator is in a bathroom, but I couldn’t tell if it was the same as the one with the tub. You know, the tub with two bodies. I assume yes, but where is the detective? I figured he was calling from the scene of the tub. Maybe the narrator is in his own bathroom somewhere else. What’s that knife about? Did he just perform a home cesarian? Yikes.


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