There and back

My contribution for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I’m on vacation, nevertheless i put it together quickly  to keep my rhythm 🙂


The whole thing felt like a dream.
The flight was smooth until the dreadful message was announced. The pilots had no control on the system.

In less than ten seconds after the announcement, the flight started falling. Panic-stricken grown ups and crying children prayed for their lives.
Suddenly, someone shook his shoulder.
“Sir! Raise the back of your seat, please! We’re landing soon.” The attendant smiled.
In the small entertainment screen, Tom was chasing Jerry. The oval window revealed a grey morning outside.
The whole thing was indeed just a dream.
With a thumping heart, he waited. In relief.


*************Photo Prompt*****************

© Rochelle
© Rochelle

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