Sunday in lab

My contribution for this week’s Sunday flash fiction. Please read and comment 🙂

© Sunday Photo Fiction
© Sunday Photo Fiction

She looked through the microscope and cursed. The cells looked just fine, but the staining was not there! It was a Sunday, and she had gone to lab with positive energy. The result of ten days of hard work was no staining.
Absolutely nothing. Niente.
She hated science as much as she loved it.
She stormed out of the microscope room slamming the door behind. She was frustrated and angry with herself. Running down the empty hallway, she exited the building L and headed towards the building Y. The coffee machines were there, and coffee was all she could think of in that instant.
She was passing by the empty parking place when she spotted the red flat football. Some other day, she would have just walked by. But today, she kicked it in the air and watched it land flat on the asphalt. From the distance it looked like a giant ladybug.
She went in completely unknown of what she had just started.

© Santoshwriter


10 thoughts on “Sunday in lab

  1. If it was a Ledyba, it might flatten her with a comet punch. But I have the feeling it’s much worse than a Ledyba. (Sorry, I’ve played far too much Pokemon!)


  2. Well, you can’t leave it there! What happens next? Does the coffee fill her with inspiration? Is the deflated ball really a giant ladybug that turns on her and chew her head off? C’mon, you can’t just leave it hangin’ like that!


    1. I really appreciate your enthusiasm Lyn. Kind of motivates me 🙂 But the beauty of flash fictions is that you can leave the story wide open and readers can choose the ending they want :-).


      1. Yeah, I know, I know, but I like nice neat happy endings…lol sort of like you get with The Twilight Zone 😉


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