An evening in fall…

This is my contribution to Velvet Verbosity 100words writing challenge. The word prompt for this week is “whistling“, and this is what I have put together in exactly 100 words. I hope you good people out there have time to read and comment.


It’s a lovely evening in the fall. We’re walking down the allée. A slight nip hangs in the air.
“I love you.” I feel the words.
Her light brown hair flows in waves to decorate her straight nose, her full lips and rosy cheeks. Her dazzling eyes speak – “I love you, too.”

The carpet of colourful autumn leaves rustle under our feet. A gentle breeze sways her hair.
As we sit down, she rests her head on my shoulders. I keep whistling the melody time in a bottle.
The rest is in the hands of time.

© SantoshWriter


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