The foundation of human sadness…

Sketch31225247-1Lately, my scientific research life hasn’t been as expected. So today, I sat in the train thinking the root cause of our sadness.

It appears to me that we love what we can’t/don’t have, and we long for things we are short of. I have come across examples where people are so obsessed with achieving what they don’t have that they forget to appreciate what they have!

And there, you’ve the very foundation of our sadness in one word –EXPECTATIONS!

If expectations are met, life’s splendid and colorful. Whenever turning expectations to reality fails, the foundation for sadness is laid.


4 thoughts on “The foundation of human sadness…

  1. Hey there,

    Loving the 100 words thing, great idea for a blog!

    I think a major cause of unhappiness is stress. Stress isn’t always (but sometimes is) about our expectations. I believe in God and that God is ultimately in control of all we are and all we feel.

    Thanks for the post!



    1. Hey Steven, Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my posts. I agree with you on the stress. It is not always result of our expectations. But this is something that does (necessarily) not (almost always) make you sad.
      Unfortunately, I must say that i am not into that much into religion and God! But i do respect and understand people who do.
      Thanks again. – Only100words


  2. And what of the unmentioned category of experience that comes unexpected ?

    This comprises most of my experience. Some is pleasant, some is unpleasant. Some is neither.

    Love and fear are certainly the two drivers of a grasping life. What if neither is operating ?

    Often for me neither is clearly in ascendancy; things just happen.

    And life feels much lighter and freer.




    1. Hey thanks! Well, love and fear would be covered by expectations to me. You love someone, you expect the person to love you back…you expect things from them. You fear something/someone, you expect it/him or her to get away.
      But you are right about the unexpected stuffs. But they are beyond our reach. So there is not much to talk about them anyway!


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