There’s no going back in time…

Here I sit, trying to give a meaningful existence to my loneliness, tangled in my past; doing the math of what could’ve been done differently or avoided. But does it really matter now? Would I’ve been a better son, better friend or better lover, had I lived my life differently? Well, that’s something I’ll never know. What has been done is done. Life doesn’t have a reverse gear. There actually is no going back in time!

Physical things are easier to get rid of, but memories – memories of my past – will haunt me for the rest of my life.


2 thoughts on “There’s no going back in time…

  1. The hauntings are not so bad if you don’t dwell in them, don’t feed the memories with the energy of attention and belief. I have them too, but they fade with no umbilicus of attention energy.


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