Worries take away our joy…

One Thursday evening, I sat next to a professor/senior scientist during an official dinner. At some point, professor said, – “a researcher’s typical day starts and ends with worries.” It got me thinking.


We, humans, are designed to worry about everything and nothing. Worries take away all the joy from our life. We are unable to fully enjoy our today because we are worried for our tomorrow! If human life comes to perfection someday, if that day ever comes, I guess we will worry about having nothing to worry about!

If we had that “power off”, “restart”, or “hibernate” button…


2 thoughts on “Worries take away our joy…

  1. It takes practice, but it can be accomplished.

    I have had some progress in this regard, not always, but enough to understand the system. It’s based in compulsive thought. Teaching oneself to only think when necessary ( rarely, indeed) reduces a great deal of unnecessary mental suffering.




    1. Hey Thanks! I hope you are making a great deal of progress in this regard!
      I don’t worry so much as i mostly live my life in moments! But i have come across many who just do. So, i just thought to write about it 🙂


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